Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"ew...ew" factor

Yep...I decided it is definitely a disease. It comes on as soon as you cross the thresh hold. And I take comfort in the knowledge that I AM NOT ALONE! I start hyperventilating and my eyes glaze over...I am in heaven (or close to it). I am in the fabric store.
Others of "our kind" are there as well. We bump carts often because we are in a daze surrounded by the things we love. Touching is a must. You have to feel the textures, weight, transparancy. Occasionally, I resort to the "ew,ew" factor. A sound that sends my DH into a panic because he knows it will involve the purchase of more fabric. My family has actually been able to track me down in the store by listening for the mumbling or the "ew..ew".
"Ew..ew" for those of you unaccustomed to living with a "fabri-holic" is when you are just wandering down an aisle and suddenly you find a material that incites several idea explosions at once. You HAVE to have it! And if its on sale its like winning the lottery...It will go home with you and sit lovingly on a shelf to wait its turn in the UFO (unfinished objects) pile.

But sometimes they become wonderful objects of imaginary play...

Enjoy the week...
The Eclectic Noni

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