Monday, February 14, 2011



I know I have been very lax in posting...but my new motto, NO CRAP EXCUSES!

I listened to parts of the Etsy Success Symposium this weekend you can check it out here.

I particularly liked April Bowles Olin She had some great ideas for improving your Etsy shop and, in general, anything you are trying to accomplish.

The one that really stuck with me was NO CRAP EXCUSES! This came from a cute etsy shop It basically says stop using those excuses to procrastinate. You know those ones: "Oh I had a salad for lunch, so it's okay to have the tiramasu for dessert" (oh, I have used this soooo many times) or "I'm not feeling like redoing my product descriptions today, I think I'll do it tomorrow".

The other suggestions were to write down 6 things you will do during that day. You know as women we always have a list that is a mile long...and we keep adding to it! Breaking it down to just 6 things you need to do that day will help to make us feel that we have accomplished something and not so overwhelmed! Now you KNOW I am talking about mostly business stuff. RIGHT? Anyone of you with "littles" will have quite a challenge, but how many times have you used those "littles" to put things off?

I know a budding writer who gets up every morning (even when they go camping) at 5:30 AM just so she can have time to write before the chaos insues...that's what i'm talkin' 'bout!

Have a wonderful day and kiss all those Valentines in your life!

Monday, January 10, 2011

New Year, New Beginnings again

Well, we made the move...or I made the move.

It has been a crazy couple of weeks. I packed up my cute little apartment, left my two adorable grandsons and came back to my DH who has patiently waited for me to return.

I can't believe what a body can collect in 3.5 years. I was taking it over a carload at a time. You know those little things you just can't live without...fabric, scissors, more fabric. I was even under the misguided impression that I could take a few UFOs there and get them ALL done! Right! Not!

Now we have traveled home with it all and somehow the holes that were there when I took the items closed up. CLOSED UP!? How does that happen?

But God blessed us with a little flood in our basement, forcing us to go through 42 years of boxes that just never seemed to get opened...

So here's to the new year and yes, the same old resolution: LESS CLUTTER!


My children have to come and get their stuffed animals I have been storing.

You will be hearing more of the saga as the weeks go on...Its my other resolution...TO KEEP UP MY BLOG!

There I said it, so it must happen.

Peace and Love