Monday, December 20, 2010

A little walk down memory lane...

Less than a week til Christmas...momentary panic!! Ok, now deep breathe, and remember your shopping is done. Wheee!

Ever have one of those moments that transport you back to a sweet memory of childhood? It happened to me this week and I thought I would share...

I stopped at my favorite brew place to pick up my favorite latte. It is not an everyday occurrence, but a treat I allow myself once or twice a month. It never fails to take me back to my childhood where I would stay with my Grammie. On those weekends at her house the day always started with a little "coffee laty". These were nothing like what I get these days, but they are every bit as special. Mine was served in a small demitasse cup that came from my grandmother's treasured china cabinet. I never knew they were actually expresso cups, I just thought they were cute little cups just saved for me. The coffee was made with one tablespoon of hot coffee, a small amount of sugar, and then filled to the brim with milk. Stirred with a special small spoon that had the image of a little girl on the handle. (We all coveted that spoon!) I felt soooo grown up. There we would sit, sipping our coffee.

I still have trouble ordering a "latte" instead of a "coffee laty".

When my grandmother died, it was really the only thing I of those little tiny cups. So perfectly miniature, so sweetly remembered.

What things stir childhood memories for you?

Please have a wonderful week and remember the real reason for this season of the year!

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