Monday, December 6, 2010

...and a Partridge in a Pear Tree!

Wow, It has been a crazy few weeks! Let me just chronicle a little for you and you'll know why I haven't been blogging. First, spent a fun week at the American Paint Horse World Show in Texas. It was balmy, in the 70's. And they have the very best, huge stuffed baked potatoes. The second week I spent in Wyoming, where it was balmy (for November) in the 30's, and breezy. DH and I helped on the family buffalo ranch, separating Mamas from babies. Time for them to grow up and move on. Third week, back to Utah for repacking and on to Colorado for Thanksgiving with Son and DIL, new friends, and a TON of food. I got to introduce my DIL who is Brazilian, to the great American pastime, called BLACK FRIDAY. She is soooo excited and I am not sure my Son is appreciative...
I finally got to sleep in my own bed last week, before I was back in Colorado for the Habitat for Humanity extravaganza. Presented my play tents and got to network with other artisans.

Okay, so now it is the second week in December and I need to get on the Christmas thing...

Sweet grandsons are here tomorrow, so Christmas cookies may be on the menu. Cherishing every moment with them.

Have a great week!

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  1. Is there anything sweeter than baking cookies with the grands? They make Christmas so fun. I know you'll enjoy every minute of it.